45th GAYA (2009)

First Novel
Ray Atkins
The Front Porch ProphetFiction
Jack Riggs
The Fireman’s WifePoetry
Ed Pavlic
The Winners Have Yet to Be Announced

Children’s Picture Book
Gail Langer Karwoski
River Beds

Children’s Mid Reader
Pamela Bauer Mueller
Aloha Crossing

Young Adult
Ted Dunagan
The Yellow Watermelon


Creative Non-Fiction Essay
Kathryn McClymond
Beyond Sacred Violence: A Comparative Study of SacrificeCreative Non-Fiction Biography
Fredrick L. Downing
Elie Wiesel:A Religious BiographyCreative Non-Fiction Memoir
Benyamin Cohen
My Jesus Year

Creative Non-Fiction History
Paul A. Lombardo
Three Generations No Imbeciles

Creative Non-Fiction Specialty Book
Doug Janousek
Home Cookin’ Illustrated

Lifetime Achievement Award
Furman Bisher