44th GAYA (2008)

First Novel
Man Martin
Days of Endless Corvette
[Carroll & Graff]Fiction
Terry Kay
The Book of Marie [Mercer]Poetry
Turner Cassity
Devils & Islands:Poems [Swallow Press]

Children’s Picture Book
Grady Thrasher
Tim and Sally’s Vegetable Garden
[Hill Street Press]

Children’s Mid Reader
Shelia Moses
Sallie Gal and the Wall-a-kee Man
[Scholastic, Inc.]

Young Adult
Pamela Bauer Mueller
An Angry Drum Echoed [Pinata Publ.]

Creative Non-Fiction Essay
Melody Moezzi
War on Error:Real Stories of American Muslims [University of Arkansas]


Creative Non-Fiction Biography
Jennifer Evans
What the Locust Had Eaten: The Nikki O’Baire Story [Xulon Press]Creative Non-Fiction Memoir
Doug Crandell
The All-American Industrial Motel [Chicago Review Books]Creative Non-Fiction History
Timothy Crimmins
Democracy Restored [University of Georgia Press]
Anne Farrisee
Democracy Restored [University of Georgia Press]

Creative Non-Fiction Specialty Book
James McGregor
Washington from the Ground Up [Harvard University Press]

Taran Family Memorial Award
Stephen Bluestone
The Flagrant Dead [Mercer]

Lifetime Achievement Award
Dan Veach