43rd GAYA (2007)

First Novel
Pamela Jackson
On This Side of HeavenFiction
Joshilyn Jackson
Between, GeorgiaPoetry
Jim Elledge
A History of My Tattoo

Anthologies/Short Stories
William Walsh,ed
Under the Rock Umbrella

Children’s Picture Book
Erin Harris
Elephant on My Roof

Children’s Mid Reader
Carole Marsh
The Secret of Skullcracker Swamp

Young Adult
Tom Dietz
Windmaster’s Bane

Creative Non-Fiction Essay
Phillip Lee Morris
In the Morning

Creative Non-Fiction Biography
Joyce Flueckiger
In Amma’s Healing RoomCreative Non-Fiction Memoir
Barbara Brown Taylor
Leaving ChurchCreative Non-Fiction History
Hank Klibanoff
The Race Beat

Creative Non-Fiction Specialty Book
Perry Dilbeck
The Last Harvest

Creative Non-Fiction Self-Help
Peter Bowerman
The Well-Fed Publisher

Creative Non-Fiction Inspirational
Joey Hancock
Success Afield

Taran Family Memorial Award
Collin Kelley
Kodac Harrison
Java Monkey Speaks: A Poetry Anthology, Vol 2

Lifetime Achievement Award
Memye Curtis Tucker