42nd GAYA (2006)

First Novel
Brian Jay Corrigan
The Poet of Loch NessFiction
David Fulmer
Sandra Meek
BurnChildren’s/Young Adult Literature
Sheila Moses
I, Dred Scott

Creative Non-Fiction Essay
Jimmy Carter
Our Endangered Values

Creative Non-Fiction Biography
Steve Suitts
Hugo Black of AlabamaCreative Non-Fiction Memoir
Sidney Pike
We Changed the WorldCreative Non-Fiction History
James C. Cobb
The Brown Decision, Jim Crow and Southern IdentityCreative Non-Fiction Specialty Book
Dr. Donald Smith and Dr. Roy Ward
Churches: Photographs and Watercolors

Creative Non-Fiction Self-Help
Sandra P. Riggin
Breaking the Cycle

Creative Non-Fiction Inspirational
Bruce Fieler
Where God Was Born

Taran Family Memorial Award
Dawn Burnett, Editor
High School 101: Freshman Survival Guide