54th Annual Georgia Author of the Year Awards Nominees

Congratulations to all of the 2018 Georgia Author of the Year Award nominees.




Carla “Rae” Abshire, Andi’s Perfect Toy

Illustrated by Kelsey Wilson


Janet Farrar Byington, I Don’t Wanna Wear a Crown!

Illustrated by Cheryl Riner Hodge


Dan Carlton, Ollie and the Wise Owl

Illustrated by Debbie Byrd


Sarah Cash, Squeaky and the Stinky Mouse

Illustrated by Jason Smith


Alana Dorrell, Grandpa? I Wanted to Ask…

Illustrated by Joan Coleman


Vickie McEntire, Little Bird & Myrtle Turtle

Illustrated by Christie Vergona


Sucheta Rawal, Beato Goes To Indonesia

Illustrated by Alexandra Abagiu & Oana Cocheci




Marilyn Baron, The Vampire Next Door


Blue Cole, Evil Upriver


Steven Cooper, Desert Remains


Betty Jean Craige, Dam Witherston


Doug Dahlgren, The Traveler


Lee Gimenez, FBI Code Red: A J.T. Ryan Thriller


Lynn Hesse, Another Kind of Hero


Linda Hughes, Secrets of the Asylum


Roger Johns, Dark River Rising


Josh Langston, Oh Bits!


Gene Powers, You Must Be Present to Win


Larissa Reinhart, 16 Millimeters: Maizie Albright Star Detective #2


Linda Sands, Grand Theft Cargo


Paul Sinor, Dancing in the Dark


Paul Sinor, Fair Game


Jason B. Sheffield, Son of a Bitch


Maggie Toussaint, Dadgummit


Jaclyn Weldon White, The Witch of Ben Hill County


Bob Young, The Hand of the Wicked




Charlene Ball, Dark Lady: A Novel of Emilia Bassano Lanyer


Janice Bearden, Chigger Ridge


Ernie Bowling, Coal Blooded


Lindsey P. Brackett, Still Waters


Christy Breedlove, When Lightning Strikes


T.M. “Mike” Brown, Sanctuary


Christina Kelly, Good Karma: A Novel


Penny Lewis, Bearing Crosses


Peter McDade, The Weight of Sound


Matthew W. Quinn, The Thing in the Woods


Winnfred Smith, Murder Finds a Home: A John Stone Mystery


Christopher Swann, Shadow of the Lions


Mark Warren, Adobe Moon: Wyatt Earp, An American Odyssey




Mehrsa Baradaran, The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap


Vincent Joseph Dooley, Samuel Norman Thomas, Jr., The Legion’s Fighting Bulldog: The Civil War Correspondence of William Gaston Delony, Lieutenant Colonel of Cobb’s Georgia Legion Cavalry, and Rosa Delony, 1835-1863


Frederick L. Downing, Clarence Jordan: A Radical Pilgrimage in Scorn of the Consequences


Karen Head, Disrupt This! MOOCs and the Promises of Technology


Richard Jay Hutto, The Kaiser’s Confidante: Mary Lee, the First American-Born Princess


Joel McMahon, Our Good and Faithful Servant: James Moore Wayne and Georgia Unionism


Charles McNair, Play It Again, Sam: The Notable Life of Sam Massell, Atlanta’s First Minority Mayor


Wade Padgett, From Court in the Wilderness to Court in the Metropolis: A History of the Augusta Judicial Circuit


Dawn Peterson, Indians in the Family: Adoption and the Politics of Antebellum Expansion


William Rawlings, The Strange Journey of the Confederate Constitution and Other Stories from Georgia’s Historical Past


Carol Ruckdeschel, A Natural History of Cumberland Island, Georgia


J.P. Telotte, Animating the Science Fiction Imagination


David Williams, Georgia’s Civil War: Conflict on the Home Front




Chip R. Bell, Kaleidoscope: Delivering Innovative Service That Sparkles


Steven Marx Celestin, MD, Tell it to Me Straight, Doc


Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia, Words of Hope and Healing: Encouragement and Empowerment for Survivors of Child Abuse


Kerry Hemms, Teacher’s Field Guide


Nakita Jackson, Alphabet Motivation


Karli Land, Made to Move


Candace L. Long, The Ancient Path to Creativity and Innovation: Where Left and Right Brains Meet


Deborah Malone, Blooming in Broken Places


Dan Parker, Prisoners of Hope in Incarceration Nation: Good News to People in Bondage


C.K. Sharpe, Miracles of Jesus: A 40-Day Devotional


Nancy Vason, The Dance of the Sandpipers


Peter M. Wallace, Getting to Know Jesus (Again): Meditations for Lent


Ty Wheeler, Todd Trainer, Ken Harriss, Dawn’s Early Light




Nancy Brandon, Show Me a Kindness


Diane Michael Cantor, When Nighttime Shadows Fall


Michael Dew, The Land of Silence


Barbara D. Duffey, Of Grace and Courage: Thornhill Veterans Hospital


Nandita Godbole, Not For You: Family Narratives of Denial & Comfort Foods: Book One


Jeff Haws, The Solitary Apocalypse


John House, Uncommon Bond


Penny Garden Lewis, Microwave is Dead


D.B. Martin, Mother


Man Martin, The Lemon Jell-O Syndrome


Albert Norton, Jr., Rough Water Baptism


Anna Schachner, You and I and Someone Else


Katie Hart Smith, Hope Never Rests


Daren Wang, The Hidden Light of Northern Fires




Jonathon Scott Barrett, Cook & Tell: Recipes and Stories from Southern Kitchens


Christopher Blake, And Half the Seed of Europe: A Genealogy of the Great War, 1914-1918


Stephen Corey, Startled at the Big Sound: Essays Personal, Cultural, and Literary


Ann Lovvorn Douglass, Snippets


Christopher Martin, This Gladdening Light: An Ecology of Fatherhood and Faith


Habiba N. Shaw, Marks behind the Stones


Susie TenEyck, Abandoned




Joan M. Howard, Death and Empathy: My Sister Web


K.B. Kincer, After the Transplant


Ron Self, Requiem for the Unconvinced


Jane Simpson, On the Porch, Under the Eave




Clifford Brooks, Athena Departs: Gospel of a Man Apart


Danielle Hanson, Ambushing Water


Ron Jones, The Ill Lines of an Ill Mind


Andrea Jurjevic, Small Crimes


D.B. Martin, Y—Dark Tales & Poetry


Heidi Lynn Nilsson, For the Fire from the Straw


Anya Krugovoy Silver, Second Bloom


Kimberly J. Simms, Lindy Lee: Songs on Mill Hill


Charles Wanager, Sixteen Windows




Tori Bailey, Love Made from Scratch: A Coming Home Novel, Book Three


Marilyn Baron, The Alibi


Sally Kilpatrick, Bless Her Heart


Bobbi Kornblit, Red Carpet Rivals


Jane Lewis, Love at Five Thousand Feet




Michael Bishop, Other Arms Reach Out to Me: Georgia Stories


Susan Lindsley, Emperor of the United American States and Other Stories


Susan Lindsley, Whitetails and Tall Tales


D.B. Martin, Terror Tales Vol. 1


Jennifer Wallace, Side By Side: A Patchwork Portrait of My Southern Family


Janie Dempsey Watts, Mothers, Sons, Beloveds, and Other Strangers




Tripp Bowden, All the Memorable Rounds: Golf Adventures and Misadventures, from Augusta National to Cypress Point and Beyond


Alice Lovejoy Carnahan, Jonathan: Wolfsong’s Last Chapter: A Story of Love and Loss


Jimmy Carter, The Craftsmanship of Jimmy Carter


Edward Gadrix, Panther Pride: The Story of Sports at Georgia State University


Cynthia Graubart, Sunday Suppers


Josh Langston, The Naked Novelist!


Rona Simmons, Jack Smith, Images from World War II: The Art of Jack Smith


Buddy Sullivan, Benjamin Galland, Sapelo: People and Place on a Georgia Sea Island


Jason Thrasher, Athens Potluck




Tabbatha Bella, Misha the Brave


Caroline George, The Vestige


McCall Hoyle, The Thing with Feathers


Aaron Levy, Blood Don’t Lie


Sandra Page, Island of the Lost World