2017 Nominees

Below is the list of this year’s nominees for the 53rd Georgia Author of the Year Awards (books published in 2016).



Patricia Bell-Scott: The Firebrand and the First Lady: Portrait of a Friendship: Pauli Murray, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the Struggle for Social Justice

Joseph P. Byrd IV: Confederate Sharpshooter Major William E. Simmons: Through the War with the 16th Georgia Infantry and the 3rd Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters

Duncan Dobie: Arthur Woody and the Legend of the Barefoot Ranger

Lee C. Dunn: Cracking the Solid South: The Life of John Fletcher Hanson, Father of Georgia Tech

Ted Geltner: Blood, Bone and Marrow: A Biography of Harry Crews



Richard Allen Anderson: The Adventures of Diggerydoo and Taller Too, Illustrated by Amber D. Pickle

Nicole Antoinette: Christmas Reindeer Food

Marcia Hawley Barnes: Tobijah, Illustrated by Doreyl Ammons Cain

Nelle Whelchel Brannen: If a Frog Had a Santa, Illustrated by Cathy Brownlee Wood

Robin Dixon: Always Love You, Illustrated by Debbie Byrd

Carol Bland Dolson: Dear Marguerite and Me, Illustrated by Elaine Hearn Rabon

Lisa Gammon: Chocolate Island: Sweet Island Dreams Series, Book One, Illustrated by Linda Cowen

Susie Gardner: 1, 2, 3 TEAM!, Illustrated by Tina Mullen

Vickie McEntire: Baby Birds, Illustrated by Alana Kipe

Cecelia Golightly Ramsey: Hopper and Amos: A Baby Bird’s First Adventure, Illustrated by Joanne Cheves Davis

Lisa Rothman-Levin: Auntie No-No, Illustrated by Andre Thomas



Kris Allis: A Moving Screen

Trudy Nan Boyce: Out of the Blues

Valerie Joan Connors: A Better Truth

Marsha Cornelius: Up to No Good

Betty Jean Craige: Fairfield’s Auction: A Witherston Murder Mystery

Lee Gimenez: The Media Murders: A J.T. Ryan Thriller

Lynn Hesse: Well of Rage

Lois Lavrisa: Homicide by Hamlet

Julia McDermott: Daddy’s Girl

M.C. Quince: Angel O’Rourke

Rona Simmons: The Martyr’s Brother

Carole Townsend: Blood in the Soil

George Weinstein: Aftermath



Raymond L. Atkins: South of the Etowah: The View from the Wrong Side of the River

Kathy A. Bradley: Wondering Toward Center

Casey Cagle: Education Unleashed

Milam McGraw Propst and Jaclyn Weldon White: Sidetacked: Two Women, Two Cameras, and Lunches on Sherman’s Trail

Megan Volpert: 1976



Bonnie Adams-Little: The Aclla’s Legacy

Amber Brock: A Fine Imitation

Mary Anna Bryan: Cardinal Hill: A Novel

Leverett Butts: Guns of the Waste Land: Departure and Diversion: Volumes 1 & 2

Anne Corbitt: Rules for Lying

Sarah Domet: The Guineveres

Angie Gallion: Intoxic

Rose Chandler Johnson: My Father’s House

JD Jordan: Calamity: Being an Account of Calamity Jane and Her Gunslinging Green Man

Erika Jantzen: No Ordinary Fire

Liz Lazarus: Free of Malice

Bob Lipscomb: The Slave Daughter

Anne Lovett: Rubies from Burma

Mark Wallace Maguire: Alexandria Rising

Marcey Perry Morse: You Can’t Fly, Illustrated by Michelle Morse and Daniel Morse

Katelyne Parker: Hosanna

Ferris Robinson: Making Arrangements

Betty A. Smith: Abby’s Choice

Katie Hart Smith: Aspirations of the Heart

James Marshall Smith: Silent Source

Gray Stewart: Haylow: A Novel

Jane Suen: Children of the Future

David G. Tippens: Two Bent Trees

Paco Torch: Crippled Sunrise: Book I of The Torchini Family Chronicles

Dana Wildsmith: Jumping

Tom Woodward: Shortening Shadows



Dan A. Aldridge, Jr.: To Lasso the Clouds: The Beginning of Aviation in Georgia

John W. Brinsfield, Jr.: Summon Only the Brave!: Commanders, Soldiers, and Chaplains at Gettysburg

Col. John M. House, US Army (Ret.): Wolfhounds and Polar Bears: The American Expeditionary Force in Siberia, 1918-1920

Linda S. McCardle: A Just and Holy Cause?: The Civil War Letters of Marcus Bethune Ely and Martha Frances Ely

Kaye Lanning Minchew: A President in Our Midst: Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Georgia

Dorothy Padgett: Jimmy Carter: Elected President with Pocket Change and Peanuts

William Rawlings: The Second Coming of the Invisible Empire: The Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s

Lisa Russell: Lost Towns of North Georgia

Andrew Young, Harvey Newman, and Andrea Young: Andrew Young and the Making of Modern Atlanta



Nicholas Cappas: Heaven Breaks In

Kirby Godsey: The God Particle: God-Talk in a “Big Bang” World

Steve Miller: Faith That’s Not Blind

Sarah Rowan: Unspeakable Joy: Devotions for the Slumbering Believer

Ulysses Tuff: Anchored in Him: Rock of Our Salvation



Jane K. Ashley: Cancer: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Lee Ellis: Engage with Honor: Building a Culture of Courageous Accountability

Julienne Levy Marks: Many Pebbles to Make a Difference: Inspiring Ways You Can Improve Children’s Lives by Making Connections: Multiculturalism and Peace

Barry Pencek: The Millennial’s Guide to Wealth: Learn About Saving, Investing, Spending, and Living While Drinking Beer

David Ryback: Transforming Communication in Leadership and Teamwork, Co-Author Renate Motschnig



Lucas Carpenter: Mind and Body: And Other Stories

Brandon Daily: The Valley

Julia Franks: Over the Plain Houses

Angie Gallion: Purgus

Kathi Harper Hill: Bensy and Me

George Hirthler: The Idealist: The Story of Baron Pierre de Coubertin

Ann Hite: Sleeping Above Chaos: A Black Mountain Novel

JR Ingrisano: Alicia in the Ruins: A Story of Survival

Terry Kay: The King Who Made Paper Flowers

June Hall McCash: Marguerite’s Landing

William Timothy Murray: A Distant Light: The Year of the Red Door, Volume 3

Doris Reidy: Every Last Stitch



Mark Beaver: Suburban Gospel

Molly Brodak: Bandit

Charles E. Cox: A Place Called Gresston

Slater Davis: 349 Days

Betty Louise Saxon Hopkins: Roadsters and Roosters: A Depression Era Love Story

Brad Hulsey: 60 Cents: Secrets and Tales in a Small Town

John Lewis, co-author: Andrew Aydin, and illustrator: Nate Powell: March: Book Three

Susan Lindsley: Possum Cops, Poachers and the Counterfeit Game Warden

Charlotte Ashurst McDaniel: Girdled and Gloved: From Radio to YouTube

David Valdez: Hallelujah Dave



Richard Allen Anderson: Potholes in Memory Lane

R.Cary Bynum: Night Streetcars: City Poems and Beyond

James Davis May: Unquiet Things

Sandra Meek: An Ecology of Elsewhere

Sally Stewart Mohney: Low County, High Water

Lynn Pedersen: The Nomenclature of Small Things

Lindsay Tigue: System of Ghosts



Marilyn Baron: Stumble Stones: A Novel

Susan Carlisle: Married for the Boss’s Baby

Susan Carlisle: White Wedding for a Southern Belle

Susan Carlisle: The Doctor’s Sleigh Bell Proposal

Dac Crossley: The Hand of Lou Diamond

J.G. Jakes: The River’s End

Sandra McGregor: Emma Rose

Susan Sands: Love, Alabama



Cynthia Graubart: Chicken: A Savor the South Cookbook

Josh Langston: The Naked Truth!

Judson Mitcham, Michael David Murphy, and Karen L. Paty: Inspired Georgia

Sonny Seals and George S. Hart: Historic Rural Churches of Georgia

Jill Stuckey, Evan Kutzler: Ossabaw Island: A Sense of Place

Kay Moore: Before the Bridge: A Memoir of Hilton Head Island



Michael Bishop: Joel-Brock the Brave and the Valorous Smalls

Gelia Dolcimascolo: Aurelia and the Library of the Soul

Marsha Mathews: Growing Up with Pigtails

Pamela Bauer Mueller: The Dancing Delilahs