2016 Nominees

Below is the list of this year’s nominees for the 52nd Georgia Author of the Year Awards (books published in 2015).

Detective / Mystery
Marilyn Baron, Landlocked

Kathleen Cochran, Lord, Lord

Joe Cobb Crawford, The Lies We Bury

Lee Gimenez, Skyflash

Joan Hetzler, Pious Deception: A Megan O’Connell Mystery

Travis Hallden Holt, Unholy Bargain

Linda Sands, 3 Women Walk Into a Bar

Paul Sinor, Wrath of the Dixie Mafia: A Mystery Novel of Johnny Morocco, Dixie Detective

Cynthia H. Wise, Portrait of Rage

Cliff Yeargin, Hoochy Koochy: A Jake Eliam ChickenBone Mystery


Children’s Book
Mae Lynn Biggs and illustrated by Emily Reich, Obey Miss Mae

Jamie Bobo and illustrated by Debbie Byrd, The Birthday Candle

Debbie Byrd, Leah’s Magic Apple Tree

Christopher Jude and illustrated by Sarah Emert, A Dandelion Girl

Jody McFerren & Daniel Peeples, How Christmas Came to Cloud Land

Gabriel McMichael, Goodbye Poonjab

Gabriel McMichael, The Brave Little Misha Escape

Malcolm Mitchell and illustrated by Dennis Campay, The Magician’s Hat

Gail Reed and illustrated by Leonard Jones, I Can’t Find My Manners

Gail Reed and illustrated by Nolia, Manners and More for Boys

Sherri Graves Smith and illustrated by Damon Danielson, Is My Cup Empty?

Shari Spokes and illustrated by Debbie Byrd, Sara’s Flower Garden

Susie TenEyck, Here I Am


History / Biography
David Beasley, A Life in Red: A Story of Forbidden Love, The Great Depression, and the Communist Fight for a Black Nation in the Deep South

Brian Carroll, The Black Press and Black Baseball, 1915-1955: A Devil’s Bargain

E. Culpepper Clark, Centennial: A History of the Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at The University of Georgia

Judith Garrision, North Georgia Moonshine: A History of the Lovells & Other Liquor Makers

F. Martin Harmon, Long Haul Legacy: SMC 3 and the Evolution of Motor Freight

Laura Lee P. Huttenbach, The Boy is Gone: Conversations with a Mau Mau General

Robert D. Jenkins, Sr., To the Gates of Atlanta: From Kennesaw Mountain to Peach Tree Creek, 1-19 July 1864

S. Carlisle May, A World War II Flight Surgeon’s Story

Ed Pavlic, Who Can Afford to Improvise?: James Baldwin and Black Music, the Lyric and the Listeners

Richard Taylor, Pain and Passion

Leonard Ray Teel, Reporting the Cuban Revolution: How Castro Manipulated American Journalists

William W. Winn, The Triumph of the Ecunnau-Nuxulgee: Land Speculators, George M. Troup, State Rights, and the Removal of the Creek Indians from Georgia and Alabama, 1825-38


First Novel
V.L. Brunskill, Waving Backwards: A Savannah Novel

Diane Michael Cantor, The Poisoned Table

Susan Crawford, The Pocket Wife: A Novel

Alexandra Curry, The Courtesan: A Novel

Lance Hansard, Falling From Grace

JR Ingrisano, Captain Jolly’s Do Over

C.B. Jackson, The Art of Deception

Claudia Rowe Kennedy, A Time to Sow and A Time to Reap

Sally Kilpatrick, The Happy Hour Choir

S.W. Lee, The Amazon Murders: A Rainforest Mystery

Guy Middleton, McAdams: An American Legend

C. J. Pagano, Big Sky: A Story of Faith and Forgiveness

Brian Panowich, Bull Mountain

Doris Reidy, Five For the Money

Gwen Roland, Postmark Bayou Chene: A  Novel

Brenda Sutton Rose, Dogwood Blues

David M Schuster, See the Thread Drop

Kelsie Stone, Glass Dust

Libby Ware, Lum: A Novel

Tommye Hamilton Wright, You Are Cordially Invited to War


Inspirational – Secular
Sandy Weaver Carman and June Cline, Happiness Recipe: Whippin’ Up Happiness with Wit, Wisdom and Wonderful Food!

Bobbie Christmas, Write in Style: How to Use Your Computer to Improve Your Writing

H. James Dallas, Mastering the Challenges of Leading Change: Inspire the People and Succeed Where Others Fail

John P. Dennis, Men Raised by Women: What He Won’t Tell Mom

Josh Langston, Write Naked!: Secrets of Dynamic Prose Laid Bare!

Tim Link, Talking with Dogs and Cats: Joining the Conversation to Improve Behavior and Bond with Your Animals

J. Steve Miller and Cherie K. Miller, Why Brilliant People Believe Nonsense

Dawn Richerson, Seeds for Life: The Lifeseeds Core Curriculum for Living in Full Expression

David Ryback, Secrets of a Zen Millionaire: 8 Steps to Personal Wealth with Real Estate

John P. Schulz, Sweetie Drives on Chemo Days: Facing Cancer Treatments with Humor and Optimism

Debby Stone, The Art of Self-Promotion: Tell Your Story, Transform Your Career

Tyne Traverson, Exploring Your Unplanned Pregnancy: Single Motherhood, Adoption, and Abortion, Questions and Resources

Dr. apostle YaQar, The Power of Confusion


Inspirational – Religious
Lisa M. Allen-McLaurin, Worship Matters!: A Collection of Essays on the Practical and Spiritual Discipline of Worship

T.W. Lawrence, Dusty and the Cowboy: Coming Home: Book 3 of the Cowboy Trilogy

Carl McColman, Befriending Silence: Discovering the Gifts of Cistercian Spirituality

Rob Ray Taylor, The Prodigal King

Jackie Trammell, Dare to Believe His Promises You Win

Dr. T.K. Wheeler, Pinpoint

Beth-Sarah Wright, Becoming Who I Am: Reflections on Wholeness and Embracing Our Divine Stories


Literary Fiction
H.W. “Buzz” Bernard, Blizzard

Daniel Black, The Coming

Michael K. Brown, Promise of the Hills

George D. N. Coletti, The Red Spoke

Valerie Joan Connors, A Promise Made

Dale Cramer, Kiss of the Jewel Bird

K. Dawn Goodwin, Crash Bang Burn

Ann Hite, Where the Souls Go: A Black Mountain Novel

Kevin Horgan, The March of the Orphans and the Battle of Stones River

Dr. John C. House, Trail of Deceit

Ravi Howard, Driving the King: A Novel

Sally Kilpatrick, Bittersweet Creek

Deborah Mantella, My Sweet Vidalia: A Novel

Holly Sullivan McClure, Conjuror

S.H. McCord, The Gospel of Jesse

Sherry Meeks, Finding Tambri

Vernon Sanders, A Woman in Winter: A Novel

John Sheffield, Roseland’s Secret: A Novel

Rona Simmons, Postcards from Wonderland: A Novel

Danielle Singleton, Price of Life

Jason V., Play Sgt. Pepper One More Time

Janie Dempsey Watts, Return to Taylor’s Crossing: A Novel

Victoria Wilcox, The Last Decision: Book Three of Southern Son, The Saga of Doc Holliday


Heather Abraham, Disorganized Crimes: Dysfunctional Family Tales from The Bookie’s Daughter

T. Lamar Baker, The Heart of a Firefighter

Johnathon Scott Barrett, Rise and ShineA Southern Son’s Treasury of Food, Family & Friends

Jimmy Carter, A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety

Linda L. Case, The Fugitive’s Sister

Kit Cummings, Peace Behind the Wire: A Nonviolent Resolution

Jessica Wallace McBride, Almost a Statistic: The Remarkable Story of Drs. Vickie and Maurice McBride

Julia McDermott, All the Above: My Son’s Battle with Brain Cancer

Gautam Narula, Remain Free: A Memoir

Cecelia Golightly Ramsey, River of Memories: A Biographical Journey

D. Craig Rikard, Unexpected Insights

Nicki Salcedo, Intersections

Jerald Lee Watts, Military Medicine and Cold War: A Flight Surgeon’s Reflections


Steven Croft, Moment and Time

Jim Elledge, Tapping My Arm for a Vein

John Charles Griffin, After the Meltdown

Beth Gylys, Sky Blue Enough to Drink

Marc J. LaFountain, Left Wanting More

Chuck Wanager, Taking Our Love Offline

Philip Lee Williams, The Color of All Things: 99 Love Poems

William Wright, Tree Heresies: Poems


Michael Aye, The Pyrate: The Rise of Cooper Cain

Marilyn Baron, The Widows’ Gallery

Genie Smith Bernstein, Act on the Heart

Susan Carlisle, His Best Friend’s Baby

Olivia Gaines, A Menu for Loving

Karin Gillespie, Girl Meets Class

Josh Langston, The 12,000-Year-Old Whisper

M.J. Pullen, The Marriage Pact: A Novel

Richard Taylor, My Life with a Soldier

Laura Templeton, Summer of Oak Moon


Science Fiction / Fantasy
Kathryn Hinds, The Healer’s Choice

Paul Lentz, The Stuff of Life: Book I

Constance McKee, The Girl in the Mirror

J.D. Monroe, Sweet Cherry Pie

Terry Dodd, Mirror Magic

Short Stories
David Crowe, Murderers, Madmen & Lunatics

George Frady, Memories of the Hunt

Mary Hood, A Clear View of the Southern Sky: Stories

Peggy Mercer, The Crazy Stories

Sara Kay Rupnik, Women Longing to Fly

Winnfred Smith, Southern Shorts


Specialty Book
Cynthia Bland, Making Eating Right Easy: An Easy Guide for Those with Metabolic Syndrome: The Condition of Having Diabetes and Hypertension

Ren and Helen Davis, Landscapes for the People: George Alexander Grant, First Chief Photographer of the National Parks Service

Sandra D. Deal, Jennifer W. Dickey, and Catherine M. Lewis, Memories of the Mansion: The Story of Georgia’s Governor’s Mansion

Andrew Feiler, Without Regard to Sex, Race or Color: The Past, Present, and Future of One Historically Black College

Ann Ford Nermoe, Images of a Golden Isle: Saint Simons Island

Willie Perkins and Jack Weston, The Allman Brothers Band Classic Memorabilia, 1969-1976

G. Ray Sullivan, Jr., Zen and the Art of Dog Walking

Kirk West, Les Brers: Kirk West’s Photographic Journey with the Brothers


Young Adult
Cassie Beasley, Circus Mirandus

Amy McCoy Dees, Freedom’s Secret

Vanessa K. Eccles, Fabled

C. M. Fleming, Halley’s Hope

June Hall McCash, The Boys of Shiloh: A Novel

Emily Reed, Fairy Tales for Modern Queers