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Archive of Winners    

49th GAYA (2013) 
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45th GAYA (2009) 
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47th GAYA

First Novel
June Hall McCash
Almost to Eden

Joshilyn Jackson
Backseat Saints

Phillip Lee Williams
The Flower Seeker: An Epic Poem of
William Bartram

Larry L. McSwain
Loving Beyond Your Theology:The Life and Ministry of Jimmy Raymond Allen

Justin Spizman and Robyn Spizman
Don’t Give Up…Don’t Ever Give Up

D. Craig Rikard
Hidden Epidemic: “Mama, Why Don’t You Remember Our Names Anymore?”

Toni P. Anderson
“Tell Them We Are Singing for Jesus”: The Original Fisk Jubilee Singers and Christian Reconstruction, 1871-1878

Specialty Book
John A. Burrison
From Mud to Jug: The Folk Potters and Pottery of Northeast Georgia

Children’s Picture Book
Grady Thrasher
Tim and Sally's Year in Poems

Young Adult Fiction
Ted Dunagan
Secret of the Satilfa

Children’s Mid-Reader
Peggy Mercer
Peach: When the Well Run Dry

Peter Augustine Lawler
Modern and American Dignity: Who We Are as Persons, and What that Means for our Future

Lifetime Achievement Award
Terry Kay




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